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Name:Dalian Second Resistance Pump Co., Ltd.
China · Liaoning · 295# liujiaqiao shahukou District,Dalian


Dalian Second Resistance Pump Co., Ltd. and Dalian NO.2 Acid Proof Pump Plant are the same system enterprises.Our company has the advanced technology in pump design and manufacture, the system in products quality assurance and service. Now our company is capable of manufacturing and packaging more than 40 pump series, including oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical processing, fertilizer, water supply, waster water treatment, chemical processing, textiles, iron and steel, marine, mining, pulp and paper, food and beverage industries, as well as many others.


Our company has more than 60 various machines including high precision CNC machines, the facilities are able to meet all machining requirements of the parts and components for small & large pumps. At same time capable of packaging pump trains, hydrolic recovery turbine, API 610 sealings system, installing and commissioning the large- scale oil station equipment. We make fible glass and metal patterns. For multi-stage pumps, we apply investment impellers to insure the good performance of the products.


We have an excellent technical team to design and develop new products. So we can provide a strong technical support for the market. Our company provides strong technical support to the other departments.Considering the customer demands, we customize our pumps by adopting the new design concepts high-technology Pumps. The products are designed with the help of CAD system. Our major products are in the compliance with the standards of API 610, DIN, ANSI, ISO, etc..


We have open and close loop test beds, capable of testing pumps with diameter of 900 mm, head of 11000m3/h,and power of 800kw. The test comply with ISO 3555/ HI. In addition to it, we also has the capabilities to perform hydro- test, physical properties, NDE, metallurgy test, corrosion test, dynamic balancing test, etc. to ensure that our customer get the efficient and reliable products.


The company treats it seriously to develop technology and products. The huge investment put into developing new technology guarantees the renewal of technology, also the leading position in the industry. New products developed by the company includes: Canned motor pump/Magnetic drive pump/Mono pump/Nucleus Industry pump/Oil field excavate pump/Marine pump.

Our Total commitment to Service

24-hour / 365 days service availability
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Installation / commissioning/start-up
Diagnostics / failure analysis
Spare parts
Field operating and training
Life cycle cost evaluation
Vibration & noise analysis
Field testing
Pre-engineered pumps repair